simple calculator for a voltage divider setup

In the world of IOT a voltage divider is something you definitely will stumble across, when starting with diy electronics undoubtedly. Say, you would like to track your battery's output voltage to not emptying it too much. Assume the LiPo you are using outputs 4.2 Volts when fully charged and is to be considered empty as the output voltage is about 3.2 Volts. But your device's analog input pin reads only voltages between 0 and 1 Volt. This is when a voltage divider comes in handy.
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"Because resistors dissipate heat energy as the electric currents through them overcome the “friction” of their resistance, resistors are also rated in terms of how much heat energy they can dissipate without overheating and sustaining damage. Naturally, this power rating is specified in the physical unit of “watts.” Most resistors found in small electronic devices such as portable radios are rated at 1/4 (0.25) watt or less."
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